On January 22, 2024 the AMP2 experiment ended. Learn more.

The End

Since January 22, 2024, AMP2 offers are no longer be orderable. We invite you to use COP-ARM offerings for your ARM instance needs.

To thank you for the trust you have placed in these experimental offers, you can continue to use your existing AMP2 instances. Please note, this remains under the same price conditions, without SLA and without long-term commitment.



From 1 to 60 ARMv8.2 64 bits vCPU between 1.5 and 3 GHz.



From 1.75 GiB to 120 GiB of DDR4 ECC RAM.



From 1GB to 10 TB using Scaleway Block Storage with a bandwidth ranging from 300 Mbps to 20 Gbps.



An ethernet bandwidth ranging from 100 Mbps to 6 Gbps

Sizes and rates

AMP2 Instances are offered in different sizes, named after the number of vCPUs. The capacities of the machine (RAM, IO, disk and network bandwidths) are distributed according to the number of vCPUs to ensure a fair distribution of resources between users.

NamevCPUsRAM*Network BandwidthStorage BandwidthPrice per hourPrice per month
AMP2-C111,75 GiB100 Mbps335 Mbps0,005007 €3,66 €
AMP2-C223,75 GiB200 Mbps671 Mbps0,008165 €5,96 €
AMP2-C447,75 GiB400 Mbps1,34 Gbps0,014483 €10,58 €
AMP2-C8815,75 GiB800 Mbps2,68 Gbps0,027118 €19,81 €
AMP2-C121223,75 GiB1,2 Gbps4,03 Gbps0,039752 €29,04 €
AMP2-C242447,75 GiB2,4 Gbps8,05 Gbps0,077657 €56,73 €
AMP2-C484895,75 GiB4,8 Gbps16,11 Gbps0,153466 €112,11 €
AMP2-C6060119,75 GiB6 Gbps20,13 Gbps0,191370 €139,80 €
* The amount of RAM available per Instance is 2 GiB per vCPU minus 256 MiB.
A public trial

Scaleway wishes to develop new ranges based on the ARM architecture. We must ensure that the choices of hardware, the sizing and the promises of the manufacturers meet your expectations.

A public trial is the last step in an iterative R&D process. We want to involve our users in order to evaluate the technologies in real conditions. These trials are a different approach to innovation compared to the so-called “Beta” or “Discovery” phases. These public trials are led by Scaleway Labs engineers, in collaboration with the rest of the Scaleway teams.

AMP2 are the successors of a first generation of non-public Instances: AMP1, already based on Ampere Altra processors. This new iteration shows great potential, and is ready for testing at scale. We’re offering it today in the form of a public trial in order to source feedback, so we can build the best ARM cloud offers on the market.

We are confident about the technical choices, but as the hindsight is limited and this induces a share of risk, the AMP2s are displayed as experimental. They are therefore without guarantee of recovery time and can be stopped, modified or deleted at any time.

As a result, AMP2 Instances are offered at attractive prices to allow as many people as possible to participate in the trial.

Use cases
ARM to build ARM

The most efficient way to compile an ARM application is to use an ARM processor.

Be they application packages or container images, a powerful ARM processor will simplify your CI/CD, from build to test.

Video transcoding

Designed to run all their cores in parallel at full speed, Ampere Altra processors deliver predictable transcoding performance with reduced power.

More details on performance with H264 and H265 on the Ampere Computing site.

Artificial intelligence

Coupled with support for TensorFlow, PyTorch, and ONNX libraries, Altra processors provide up to a 2x performance speed-up over fp32 models with no or negligible loss of accuracy.
More details on the Ampere Computing website.

Big data

Altra processors consume much less power than their x86 counterparts. This low power consumption combined with high CPU density translates directly into considerable savings when processing large volumes of data.
More details on the Ampere Computing website.

The history of ARM architecture at Scaleway

The first product under the Scaleway identity in 2014 was an in-house designed neon ARMv7 server. In 2017, the first virtualization offers with ARM64 were born and in 2021 it was the turn of the Apple M1 to join the catalog.
Scaleway's desire to offer ARM on demand for its customers is not new, however we had to stop certain offers such as C1 and ARM64 due to technical reasons. Today, the ARM ecosystem has matured. New generations of hardware for hyperscalers are coming, ushering in a new chapter in the history of ARM at Scaleway.


We strive to provide you with the best possible experience on these AMP2 Instances. However, these have an experimental status. This is why we are not able to contractually commit to a level of service, hence an SLA of 0%.
The guarantees of these "Labs" offers are detailed in our special conditions for BETA services.

No, we have established preliminary prices, so that the test is done in real conditions.
The computing power offered is very real and the quantities available are limited. We have opted for an access model based on price rather than private invitations to limit selection bias.

For now, you can keep your Instance until further notice. The objective is to allow you to test these offers and share your feedback with us.
Your feedback is important because it will allow us to build long-lasting offers that will best meet your expectations and needs.

AMP2 Instances are no longer available for sale Learn more

We provide 3 Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu Jammy (22.04 LTS)
  • Debian Bullseye (11)
  • Almalinux 8 (Red Hat compatible community distribution)

Use the support center via your console, or via the #instance channel on the Scaleway Community Slack.