Our goals

Our goal is to create computer technology-related prototypes and share technology-centric knowledge. We work on experimental business-related topics that are not customer-driven, and outcomes are not guaranteed, as is the nature of R&D.



Creating computer technology-related prototypes

Take risks

Take risks

Focusing on cutting-edge and risky topics



Spreading technology-centric knowledge

Ipfs background
IPFS Naming

The first worldwide IPNS service

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The Interplanetary Name System (IPNS) is a fundamental element of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), designed to solve the problem of managing and dynamically updating immutable IPFS addresses.

IPFS enables content to be stored and retrieved on the basis of its cryptographic fingerprints, IPNS goes a step further by introducing a mutable naming based on asymmetric cryptography.

IPNS records are no longer stored on a single server; instead, they reside within a distributed network of nodes that collectively manage and respond to naming resolution. This approach significantly enhances reliability and makes it considerably more challenging to censor.

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Available Now!

Scaleway Labs is proud to introduce the world's first IPFS Naming Service, which tackles a fundamental challenge in the era of a post-DNS Internet.

This service is available now, at a competitive price, and benefits from the redundancy and stability of Scaleway infrastructures in its three European regions.

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When combined with our IPFS Pinning service, our IPFS Naming service allows you to host your content on the IPFS network by delegating the technical details to us.

This means you can host your website on IPFS without the added expenses of operating a dedicated IPFS node.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to manage everything through an API, making it seamlessly integrated with the familiar Scaleway Developer Experience.

Ipfs background
IPFS Pinning

A multi-region, multi-az redundant IPFS pinning service.
Welcome to the next evolution of file storage.

p2p Network

Global Peer-to-Peer Network

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a file sharing peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a single global network. IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file and a DHT to locate the content you are looking for.
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Cutting Edge Pinning

Cutting-Edge Pinning Service

Scaleway proudly presents its advanced Pinning Service, playing a significant role in the data storage and distribution revolution for a decentralized internet. With our user-friendly and turnkey solution, embracing the IPFS revolution becomes effortless.

Cost Storage Solution

Cost-Effective Storage Solution

Scaleway's IPFS Pinning Service stands out as a highly cost-effective solution compared to other pinning services in the market. This is made possible by our end-to-end infrastructure control, allowing us to optimize costs and pass on the savings to our customers.

AMP2 instances

Powerful 64-bit ARM virtual machines, based on Ampere's latest processor designed for the cloud: the Altra Max.
In addition to its performance predictability, this new ARM8.2 processor is a market leader in terms of energy efficiency.

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Powerful 64-bit ARM virtual machines, based on Ampere's latest processor designed for the cloud: the Altra Max.

In addition to its performance predictability, this new ARM8.2 processor is a market leader in terms of energy efficiency.

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The processor upon which AMP2 Instances are built has a maximum thermal envelope of 250W. This allows the processor to run its 128 cores under full load, without losing frequency.

To further improve energy efficiency, these Instances use processor time densification technology, allowing even better sharing of available physical resources.

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AMP2 Instances are the result of a collaboration between Ampere Computing and Scaleway Labs, representing the return of ARM technologies to Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem.

Please note that these Instances are currently in a trial phase. It is not recommended to use them to host critical services.

Technology Engineering

  • Experiment emerging technologies
  • Build from Proof of Concept to production ready prototypes
  • Deliver matured technologies to other Scaleway teams

Technology Intelligence

  • Identify and analyse emerging technologies needed for strategic planning and decision making
  • Share awareness of technological threats and opportunities
  • Organize collaborative workshops to bring out innovative strategies

Technology Resonance

  • Develop research partnerships with research centers and universities
  • Join ventures with other leading companies to build industry grade technologies
  • Spread our values of openness and locked-free solutions